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Chas, Katie & Imogen

August 2016


Thanks for looking after me and helping me learn since I was a baby (7 months old). I will miss you all very much, I have a new adventure now at big girl school and I am very excited about meeting new friends and wearing a uniform like my big sisters, I'm sure nursery will be a bit quieter once I'm gone lol

Tina & Matthew

July 2016


Just wanted to say a massive thank you for the brilliant job you have done with Alfie. He has really enjoyed his time there and will be sad to leave, he has made many great friends. You are all so kind and friendly and put me at ease when Alfie first started, proving to me i had absolutely nothing to worry about. He has come along leaps and bounds and is now full of confidence. His experience will definitely help when he starts school in September. Each and every member of the team is a credit to the nursery thanks to each and every one of you, such a shame his time has come to an end .

Greg & Marzena Gorski

June 2016


Thank you so much for being such a big and important part of Sebastian and Olivia's early years you have given them happy memories they will remember forever. We have felt safe and happy when they were in your capable, great care. They/ we will never forget you all. You have all been amazing from the first moment we set foot into your nursery.

Kim Turrell

June 2016


Thank you for making Lillyann's nursery experience such a good one. She has loved her time with you, from a mummy point of view thank you for keeping her safe :) Although Lilly is very excited about school she will miss you all! Thanks again

Gemma Kaftan

June 2016


I would recommend Greenhays Nursery to anyone looking for a safe, friendly family environment for their child. My son and daughter have both attended the nursery from 9 months old. They both love being there and have great relationships with all the team. Not only do Greenhays provide a safe place for your child but they also treat each child as an individual and support their every need. They also support you as a parent too and for the past 6 years that my children have been in nursery the staff have made me and my children feel like part of the Greenhays family. For this i thank them and will be very sad to say goodbye when my daughter leaves this year. If you're looking for a nursery i would 100% recommend Greenhays without a doubt!


June 2016


Over the course of 8 years my two boys joined Greenhays at the age of 7 months until leaving to start school. I can honestly say they have both been very well cared for, learnt a lot and made special memories. Both of my boys have had the great experience of meeting friends and doing all the things that they enjoy doing with them. Both of my boys have developed very well and all that credit is to Greenhays staff, they have experienced their milestones of development which is special. Communication between myself and staff throughout has been fantastic. The setting is great and the children have everything they will need to explore, play and learn. The support for my boys and myself though the years is brilliant, I cannot thank the staff enough for what they have done throughout the years. As a very thankful parent I thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing my boys to grow and learn while i know whilst working that they are very safe and well cared for.

Danielle & Kevin

November 2015


We moved to the area which meant changing my son Riley's nursery. I was nervous as he was 3 but had been at his previous nursery from 6 months old. I knew from the first visit I had nothing to worry about he didn't want to leave, so his first day was no problem! The staff always gives a warm welcome to every child when you walk in and always greet each child by name. I think this makes a big difference as it makes them and the parents feel comfortable. Riley always wanted to go to nursery he loved it.  A year later without hesitation i put my second son Rome into Greenhays. Rome was the complete opposite to Riley he had never been to nursery and started at 3. Rome struggled with speech and said very little when he started. Now Rome has a full conversation and can even write his name! He has come so far in the short time he has been there. My main concern for Rome was him starting school being the youngest in the year and only getting a year at nursery due to this, but now seeing how far he has come I'm not worried, I'm proud of him everyday and the staff at Greenhays have played a massive part in this. All the staff at Greenhays are warm, welcoming, friendly and professional. They give children the opportunity to express themselves even if it means getting dirty, playing in mud in the rain which Rome loves! Nothing is too much hassle. The nursery is always clean and tidy. They teach manners and respecting others, this has shined though both of my boy's. They both spoke so much better and more polite after their time at Greenhays and definitely learnt to share better! After sending two totally different boys with different abilities to Greenhays they both left better children for different reasons and definitely ready for school. For all the reasons above and way more my final child, daughter Indi-Rae will start in January. I would recommend Greenhays to anyone wanting to send their child to nursery. From the email updates on your child's progression to all the different levels of learning and play makes an all round good nursery and Greenhays is defiantly that!

Amy & Oliver

August 2015


Thank you so much for taking great care of Jack and Ivy. They have developed so much from being with you in personality and we truly appreciate your warmth , kindness and love to make our babies happy.


August 2015


We are so happy at Greenhays. Having been here for two years now, Jenson has settled very well and loves going. He comes home every week having learnt new things and even picks us up on some manners when we forget to say 'Pardon me!' Jenson is growing into a lovely, kind and caring little boy and that is with thanks to Greenhays. We will be sad to leave when Jenson moves up to school. Keep up the good work!

Neil & Nuala

July 2015


Neil and I would like to thank you for all the care you've given over the last 7 years to all 3 of our children. We have been able to go to work knowing that each one has been happy to be there and safe.


July 2015


All at Greenhays, particularly Sarah, Lottie, Laura and Lizzie who have been amazing throughout Rhys's journey through his nursery years! We are so happy we chose you to look after our precious boy and you've done it better than we could ever have hoped. We are sad to say goodbye but very happy the triplets will be with you for a long time yet :)

John & Kirsten

June 2015


Greenhays was recommended to us by a friend who could not praise the nursery highly enough. Our 4 year old son has been attending Greenhays for over and year and loves it and all of the staff. He constantly talks about nursery at home and has great fondness for a couple of members of staff in particular and their names are mentioned a lot! Ethan is always asking when the next 'nursery day' is. We are well aware that Ethan can be challenging and hard work at times but the staff are amazing with him. We have complete confidence when Ethan is in their care. Ethan's learning has come on leaps and bounds since attending Greenhays and we are very pleased we chose the first nursery we viewed based on a recommendation. We have in turn recommended Greenhays to several other parents and we really hope there will be places available for our younger two boys as we really wouldn't want them to go to any other nursery.

Jo & Chris

May 2015


We have sent our identical twins here since they were 6 months old and I can honestly say they have received the best of care and attention. All the staff are caring, cheery and friendly and have made our children feel throughly welcomed and wanted. They loved their time in the baby room and were well nurtured and looked after. There was exceptionally good communication between the staff and us, the parents and we were always given a run down of what had occurred during the day. When the time came for them to move up to the big room, this was managed carefully and considerately so the boys didn't feel they had been thrown in at the deep end and still could maintain contact with the staff in the baby room to whom they had grown very attached. Now they are in the big room and really enjoying it! Throughout their whole time at Greenhays the staff are very imaginative at thinking of things to do and arts and craft projects and we are always getting drawings and paintings from the boys as well as photos of them involved in messy play! The Tapestry learning journey is a huge asset and it is lovely to see what the boys are up to and now it is online it makes it even easier and allows you to add your own comments/ adventures. As our boys have hearing loss the staff have been heavily involved in helping us getting the boys used to their hearing aids and talking to our educational support worker. In this role they have been invaluable and the boys would not be making the progress they are without their support. I would encourage anyone, without hesitation, to send their child to this nursery.

Claire & Ray

May 2015


Briony joined Greenhays at the age of 9 months and we were very lucky that she remained there until she started primary school. Initially we had some reservations about putting Briony into nursery care at such a young age however following a visit to the nursery and meeting the staff we felt certain that Greenhays was the place for us!  The 3 years Briony spent at Greenhays are filled with so many happy memories for us all as a family. During those years, we as a family, were faced with several difficult periods including Briony being diagnosed with suspected meningitis and also my husband being deployed to Iraq with the British Army. The level of support and empathy we received from Greenhays staff was second to none. Whilst remaining professional, they also made us feel like part of the Greenhays family and that nothing seemed to be too much trouble. Briony is now at the age of 14, a polite, well mannered, academically bright young lady. There is no doubt in my mind that the care and encouragement she received whilst at Greenhays played a huge part in this. I have very clear memories of the little girl who used to return home full of pride for the paintings she had produced and of her delight at being able to recite the book 'Green Eggs and Ham' word for word to her grandparents at the age of only 3.  Whilst Briony obviously does not remember a great deal from her days at Greenhays, she does remember her favourite staff members fondly. It has almost been 10 years since Briony left Greenhays and yet i still find myself recommending the Nursery to friends and family and singing the praises of all that they do.  Keep up the fantastic work Greenhays!



July 2014


I would just like to say a massive thank you for the care and support Greenhays provided Jasmine over the years she was with you. I must admit i was a little apprehensive about leaving her on her first day but from that day forward until the very end i knew she was safe; everyday she wanted to be there, playing with her friends and learning new skills. She loved it! I loved it that she loved it! I was able to go to work relaxed, knowing that she was receiving the best possible care i could ask for. I must also give a special thanks to Lottie and Dawn who cared for Jasmine from the very beginning when she was only 10 months. You kept up with my routine and listened to Jasmine's needs. Her development grew rapidly and her confidence thrived. I must also extend the thanks to Sarah, Lizzie, Laura and the rest of the team for making Jasmine's experience so worth while. Even now she begs me to come back and say hello and she still has her friends that she made here with you. I know in my heart that Greenhays has played a massive part in her early development and i am so happy I put her in your care.  I particularly liked the personal moments at the end of the day and during parents evening where i was able to enjoy and appreciate her experience; to see pictures of her playing whilst receiving thorough feedback on her development. Any problems in the day were addressed quickly and thoroughly. I would certainly recommend Greenhays to anyone looking for childcare with a team, that go to extra mile everyday.

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