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Working with parents

At Greenhays Nursery School, we believe that working alongside parents greatly benefits children in their early years. We work with parents using the following techniques:


Settling In Sessions - These are to help make the beginning of your child's time at nursery slightly easier for both you and your child. Easing them into the nursery's routine and become familiar with the setting and staff members.


All About Me - This is a document filled in by you which includes information such as; Name, nickname, special people, things your child enjoys, favourite food, and so on. We use the All About Me alongside talking and playing with your child during their first days at nursery to help us get to know them even more.


Learning Journeys - Each child who attends our nursery has an online learning journey. This allows your child's key person to keep you up-to-date with your child's learning development through play via weekly observations (text, photos and/or videos) and termly summaries. Our online learning journeys also allow the parent of the child to upload their own observations (things like what you did at the weekend, birthday parties etc.).

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